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gene_id species strand chr outlier
ASH_gene3211 ash - KZ451906.1 No
ASH_gene3671 ash + KZ451908.1 No
ASH_gene4183 ash + KZ451911.1 No
ASH_gene4236 ash + KZ451911.1 No
ASH_gene4505 ash - KZ451913.1 No
ASH_gene4565 ash - KZ451915.1 No
ASH_gene5323 ash - KZ451922.1 No
ASH_gene551 ash + KZ451885.1 No
ASH_gene5902 ash + KZ451930.1 No
ASH_gene6438 ash - KZ451935.1 No
ASH_gene6443 ash - KZ451935.1 No
ASH_gene6488 ash + KZ451935.1 No
ASH_gene7748 ash + KZ451947.1 No
ASH_gene7763 ash + KZ451948.1 No
ASH_gene7994 ash - KZ451950.1 No
ASH_gene8066 ash - KZ451950.1 No
ASH_gene8073 ash + KZ451950.1 No
ASH_gene9071 ash + KZ451955.1 No
ASH_gene9716 ash + KZ451963.1 No
ASH_gene9827 ash - KZ451968.1 No

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