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gene_id species strand chr outlier
ASH_gene11411 ash + KZ451976.1 No
ASH_gene11526 ash + KZ451978.1 No
ASH_gene12420 ash + KZ451982.1 No
ASH_gene12792 ash - KZ451982.1 No
ASH_gene13294 ash - KZ451987.1 No
ASH_gene13964 ash - KZ451999.1 No
ASH_gene14329 ash + KZ452001.1 No
ASH_gene15141 ash + KZ452009.1 No
ASH_gene15163 ash + KZ452009.1 No
ASH_gene15642 ash - KZ452013.1 No
ASH_gene16520 ash + KZ452018.1 No
ASH_gene16734 ash + KZ452023.1 No
ASH_gene18208 ash - KZ452040.1 No
ASH_gene18448 ash + KZ452102.1 No
ASH_gene20213 ash - KZ453612.1 No
ASH_gene20590 ash - KZ454055.1 No
ASH_gene21397 ash - KZ454678.1 No
ASH_gene21627 ash - KZ454830.1 No
ASH_gene21673 ash - KZ454830.1 No
ASH_gene2911 ash - KZ451905.1 No

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