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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Aco022792 aco + scaffold_554 No
Aco023262 aco + LG02 No
Aco023263 aco + LG02 No
Aco023266 aco - LG02 No
Aco023267 aco - LG02 No
Aco023818 aco - LG20 No
Aco023942 aco - LG13 No
Aco025308 aco - LG05 No
Aco025712 aco + scaffold_945 No
Aco026820 aco - scaffold_1334 No
Aco027180 aco - scaffold_655 No
Aco030108 aco - scaffold_1364 No
Aco030433 aco - scaffold_1623 No
Aco030627 aco + scaffold_1786 No
ASH_gene1040 ash + KZ451886.1 No
ASH_gene10447 ash + KZ451969.1 No
ASH_gene10640 ash - KZ451970.1 No
ASH_gene10671 ash + KZ451970.1 No
ASH_gene10999 ash + KZ451974.1 No
ASH_gene11284 ash + KZ451976.1 No

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