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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Pp3c8_15200 ppa + Chr08 No
TraesCS4D02G245700 tae - chr4D No
Ma02_g20620 mac - chr02 No
Bradi2g10320 bdi + Bd2 No
Pp3c8_13450 ppa - Chr08 No
OB04G29830 obr + 4 No
Sspon.01G0048030-1P ssp - Chr1D No
Pp3c14_18030 ppa + Chr14 No
Pgl_GLEAN_10018965 cam - chr2 No
PAB00029379 pab + MA_18265 No
CALSI_Maker00024774 calsi - scaffold2714 No
Misin08G116000 msi + Chr08 No
Zm00007a00005582 zma-b104 + scaffold9.2493 No
TraesCS4D02G270100 tae + chr4D No
Sobic.004G121700 sbi + Chr04 No
AT5G39260 ath - Chr5 No
TraesCS1A02G406900 tae - chr1A No
Sspon.03G0017740-4D ssp + Chr3D No
PAB00030692 pab - MA_19253 No
Mapoly0006s0158 mpo + scaffold_6 No

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