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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Ma04_g32010 mac + chr04 No
CALSI_Maker00028089 calsi + scaffold3152 No
PAB00041425 pab - MA_42393 No
Mapoly0897s0001 mpo + scaffold_897 No
Pgl_GLEAN_10002454 cam - chr2 No
Sspon.01G0018630-3C ssp + Chr1C No
Sspon.03G0017760-3D ssp + Chr3D No
Ma01_g08800 mac + chr01 No
TRITD7Av1G004460 ttu - chr7A Yes
Zm00001d016054 zma - 5 No
p5.00_sc00085_p0003 egu - EG5.1_Chr4 No
LOC_Os05g19600 osa - Chr5 No
ASH_gene20333 ash + KZ453612.1 No
AT5G05290 ath + Chr5 No
PAB00036245 pab - MA_30127 No
Misin17G172100 msi + Chr17 No
Zm00007a00035886 zma-b104 - scaffold5.2297 No
TraesCS5B02G528700 tae + chr5B No
Sspon.04G0012770-5P ssp + Chr4D No
Sspon.01G0018610-3D ssp - Chr1D No

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