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gene_id species strand chr outlier
LOC_Os03g31480 osa + Chr3 No
OsR498G0100644500.01 osaindica + Chr1 No
Zm00008a038360 zma-ph207 + chr10 No
PAB00044413 pab + MA_494704 Yes
Potri.009G031800 ptr - Chr09 No
HORVU3Hr1G076630 hvu - chr3H No
TraesCS3A02G187600 tae + chr3A No
Mapoly0105s0025 mpo + scaffold_105 No
PAB00023972 pab + MA_14588 No
CALSI_Maker00029721 calsi - scaffold3437 No
gene9777 smo - NW_003314272.1 No
PAB00052086 pab + MA_70880 No
Zm00001d025018 zma + 10 No
Zm00008a023538 zma-ph207 - chr06 No
TRITD4Av1G011440 ttu - chr4A No
Pgl_GLEAN_10024854 cam - chr5 No
OsR498G1018791000.01 osaindica - Chr10 No
evm.TU.AsparagusV1_04.1244.V1.1 aof - AsparagusV1_04 No
HORVU3Hr1G075210 hvu + chr3H No
Bradi1g74740 bdi - Bd1 No

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