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gene_id species strand chr outlier
AT1G26770 ath + Chr1 No
Bradi3g27440 bdi - Bd3 No
evm.TU.AsparagusV1_04.2424.V1.1 aof - AsparagusV1_04 No
ASH_gene4006 ash + KZ451909.1 No
Ma01_g12960 mac + chr01 No
GSVIVG01007987001 vvi - chr17 No
PAB00002520 pab + MA_10236162 No
LOC_Os01g60770 osa + Chr1 No
PAB00038739 pab - MA_3618 No
HORVU7Hr1G002440 hvu - chr7H No
Zm00008a011403 zma-ph207 - chr03 No
TraesCS3B02G217000 tae + chr3B No
TraesCS3B02G199900 tae - chr3B No
gene37148 smo + NW_003314451.1 No
Seita.5G062700 sit + scaffold_5 No
PAB00021538 pab + MA_12892 No
LOC_Os03g60720 osa - Chr3 No
Pgl_GLEAN_10013049 cam - chr1 No
Bradi3g27470 bdi - Bd3 No
Pgl_GLEAN_10003326 cam + chr3 No

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