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Multiple Sequence Alignment information

Edited length

Outlier/edited gene information

Gene id Status Cause
CALSI_Maker00030021 removed partial
GSVIVG01028837001 removed too diverged
GSVIVG01027325001 removed partial
Potri.011G015801 removed too diverged
Potri.T021401 removed partial
Zm00008a031302 removed partial
Potri.011G016580 removed too diverged
Potri.015G119200 removed partial
GSVIVG01005660001 removed too diverged
GSVIVG01003649001 removed too diverged
CALSI_Maker00031386 removed partial
ATR0049G029 removed partial
Sspon.07G0023210-2C removed partial
Ma02_g19940 removed partial
Potri.T156200 removed partial
Misin12G011700 removed partial
Zm00001d047864 removed partial
Zm00001d010258 removed partial
GSVIVG01001214001 removed partial
CALSI_Maker00007592 removed partial
Potri.011G016100 removed too diverged
ASH_gene9568 removed too diverged
CALSI_Maker00030031 removed partial
GSVIVG01006506001 removed too diverged
CALSI_Maker00041363 removed partial
PAB00050744 removed partial
Potri.011G017800 removed too diverged
Zm00008a013418 removed partial
Potri.011G016966 removed too diverged
GSVIVG01028389001 removed partial
GSVIVG01012264001 removed too diverged
Potri.015G124900 removed partial
GSVIVG01034623001 removed partial
GSVIVG01006751001 removed too diverged
GSVIVG01003109001 removed too diverged
AT4G03175 removed partial
Solyc05g016610.1 removed partial
GSVIVG01028838001 removed too diverged
ATR0049G019 removed too diverged
GSVIVG01005108001 removed partial
GSVIVG01003455001 removed partial
p5.00_sc00023_p0246 removed too diverged
GSVIVG01005109001 removed too diverged
GSVIVG01005101001 removed outlier
Solyc02g068610.1 removed outlier
Potri.011G018900 removed outlier
GSVIVG01002750001 removed outlier
ASH_gene18788 removed outlier
Solyc06g051500.2 removed outlier
Potri.003G219600 removed outlier
Potri.T032100 removed outlier
Potri.011G018300 removed outlier
GSVIVG01005249001 removed outlier
evm.TU.AsparagusV1_06.1520.V1.1 removed outlier
PEQU_10344 removed outlier
CALSI_Maker00040834 removed outlier
Potri.008G023000 removed outlier
GSVIVG01002751001 removed outlier
Solyc02g068810.1 removed outlier
Potri.001G015800 removed outlier
p5.00_sc00127_p0086 removed outlier
Pgl_GLEAN_10003323 removed outlier
PAB00054212 removed outlier
evm.TU.AsparagusV1_02.256.V1.1 removed outlier
GSVIVG01015610001 removed outlier
Ma02_g19920 removed outlier
ASH_gene1101 removed outlier
AT5G35830 removed outlier
ATR0752G086 removed outlier
GSVIVG01004700001 removed outlier
GSVIVG01011202001 removed outlier
GSVIVG01003454001 removed outlier
Ma02_g19890 removed outlier
GSVIVG01008251001 removed outlier
GSVIVG01001893001 removed outlier
Ma02_g20010 removed outlier
Potri.001G382900 removed outlier
GSVIVG01019154001 removed outlier
CALSI_Maker00040920 removed outlier
Solyc05g016620.1 removed outlier
PAB00057852 removed outlier
Sspon.03G0040720-1C removed outlier
Potri.009G166500 removed outlier