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The Multiplicon view displays the aligned gene strings of a set of homologous segments.

Multiplicon Information

Multiplicon Id #Species #Segments #Anchorpoints Profile Length
18274 22 36 14 47

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Gene Information

Gene Family Information


Draw mode Segment ordering Species
Species Chromosome First Gene Last Gene
Ananas comosus LG18 Aco001526 Aco001537
Apostasia shenzhenica KZ451916.1 ASH_gene4712 ASH_gene4727
Arabidopsis thaliana Chr5 AT5G02860 AT5G03040
Asparagus officinalis AsparagusV1_02 evm.TU.AsparagusV1_02.226.V1.1 evm.TU.AsparagusV1_02.237.V1.1
Calamus simplicifolius scaffold876 CALSI_Maker00046022 CALSI_Maker00046016
Elaeis guineensis EG5.1_Chr5 p5.00_sc00003_p0142 p5.00_sc00003_p0162
Elaeis guineensis EG5.1_Chr5 p5.00_sc00121_p0088 p5.00_sc00121_p0074
Hordeum vulgare chr3H HORVU3Hr1G087180 HORVU3Hr1G087500
Miscanthus sinensis Chr06 Misin06G314500 Misin06G313100
Oryza brachyantha 3 OB03G23170 OB03G23290
Oryza sativa ssp. indica Chr1 OsR498G0102285600.01 OsR498G0102275400.01
Oryza sativa ssp. indica Chr3 OsR498G0305715700.01 OsR498G0305724400.01
Oryza sativa ssp. indica Chr5 OsR498G0511005600.01 OsR498G0510999400.01
Oryza sativa ssp. japonica Chr12 LOC_Os12g01200 LOC_Os12g01250
Oryza sativa ssp. japonica Chr3 LOC_Os03g17690 LOC_Os03g17850
Populus trichocarpa Chr08 Potri.008G045100 Potri.008G043500
Populus trichocarpa Chr10 Potri.010G216400 Potri.010G218100
Populus trichocarpa Chr16 Potri.016G084800 Potri.016G086300
Setaria italica scaffold_3 Seita.3G212400 Seita.3G214100
Setaria italica scaffold_9 Seita.9G444200 Seita.9G443200
Solanum lycopersicum SL2.50ch09 Solyc09g007270.2 Solyc09g007410.2
Sorghum bicolor Chr03 Sobic.003G347680 Sobic.003G346000
Spirodela polyrhiza pseudo22 Spipo22G0033300 Spipo22G0032500
Triticum aestivum chr4A TraesCS4A02G106300 TraesCS4A02G107500
Triticum aestivum chr4B TraesCS4B02G197900 TraesCS4B02G197000
Triticum aestivum chr5A TraesCS5A02G156400 TraesCS5A02G155300
Triticum aestivum chr5B TraesCS5B02G154600 TraesCS5B02G153600
Triticum aestivum chr5D TraesCS5D02G161800 TraesCS5D02G160300
Triticum turgidum chr4A TRITD4Av1G049470 TRITD4Av1G050640
Triticum turgidum chr4B TRITD4Bv1G124540 TRITD4Bv1G125210
Triticum turgidum chr5B TRITD5Bv1G096230 TRITD5Bv1G096850
Vitis vinifera chr13 GSVIVG01016349001 GSVIVG01016320001
Zea mays B73 1 Zm00001d028709 Zm00001d028725
Zea mays PH207 chr03 Zm00008a013395 Zm00008a013407
Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zjn_sc00002.1
Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki Zjn_sc00003.1

This multiplicon is a higher level multiplicon, indicating that it contains more segments than it's parental multiplicon.
To explore the parental multiplicon, view the multiplicon in the table below.

Multiplicon Id #Species #Segments #Anchorpoints Profile Length
18273 22 35 13 46

This multiplicon is a lower level multiplicon with child multiplicons, indicating that there are multiplicons with more colinear segments in the same genomic region.
To explore the child multiplicons, view the multiplicon in the table below.

Multiplicon Id #Species #Segments #Anchorpoints Profile Length
18275 22 37 13 47

This multiplicon is not redundant, but is the parent of one or more redundant multiplicons.
To explore these redundant reduced colinear regions, view the redundant multiplicon(s) in the table below.

Multiplicon Id #Species #Segments #Anchorpoints Profile Length
41739 2 2 917 2367
42319 2 2 668 1801
45615 2 2 210 353
46494 2 2 185 764
48969 2 2 131 524
49505 1 2 123 535
58223 2 2 62 383
66716 2 2 42 320
104099 2 2 18 93
114314 2 2 16 83
198292 2 2 9 57