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The Multiplicon view displays the aligned gene strings of a set of homologous segments.

Multiplicon Information

Multiplicon Id #Species #Segments #Anchorpoints Profile Length
16471 14 27 8 37

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Gene Information

Gene Family Information


Draw mode Segment ordering Species
Species Chromosome First Gene Last Gene
Arabidopsis thaliana Chr2 AT2G36080 AT2G36210
Elaeis guineensis EG5.1_Chr9 p5.00_sc00182_p0051 p5.00_sc00182_p0073
Miscanthus sinensis Chr10 Misin10G026000 Misin10G025000
Oropetium thomaeum Oropetium_genomic_20141112_013 Oropetium_20150105_10923 Oropetium_20150105_10935
Oropetium thomaeum Oropetium_genomic_20141112_031 Oropetium_20150105_15014 Oropetium_20150105_15026
Oryza brachyantha 11 OB11G12860 OB11G12760
Oryza brachyantha 12 OB12G13380 OB12G13280
Oryza sativa ssp. indica Chr11 OsR498G1119438100.01 OsR498G1119433900.01
Oryza sativa ssp. indica Chr12 OsR498G1220973000.01 OsR498G1220961400.01
Oryza sativa ssp. japonica Chr11 LOC_Os11g05650 LOC_Os11g05540
Oryza sativa ssp. japonica Chr12 LOC_Os12g06080 LOC_Os12g05840
Saccharum spontaneum Chr5B Sspon.05G0019130-2B Sspon.05G0019400-2B
Saccharum spontaneum Chr7D Sspon.07G0018680-3D Sspon.05G0019400-5P
Setaria italica scaffold_7 Seita.7G328200 Seita.7G325900
Setaria italica scaffold_8 Seita.8G036300 Seita.8G035100
Solanum lycopersicum SL2.50ch09 Solyc09g010230.1 Solyc09g009940.2
Solanum lycopersicum SL2.50ch10 Solyc10g083210.1 Solyc10g083320.1
Sorghum bicolor Chr05 Sobic.005G041400 Sobic.005G039500
Sorghum bicolor Chr08 Sobic.008G040700 Sobic.008G039600
Triticum aestivum chr4D TraesCS4D02G114900 TraesCS4D02G115300
Triticum aestivum chr5A TraesCS5A02G127100 TraesCS5A02G127900
Triticum aestivum chr5B TraesCS5B02G126200 TraesCS5B02G126900
Triticum aestivum chr5D TraesCS5D02G134700 TraesCS5D02G135500
Triticum turgidum chr4B TRITD4Bv1G047280 TRITD4Bv1G047850
Triticum turgidum chr5A TRITD5Av1G096020 TRITD5Av1G096870
Triticum turgidum chr5B TRITD5Bv1G078030 TRITD5Bv1G078630
Zea mays PH207 chr10 Zm00008a036463 Zm00008a036454

This multiplicon is a higher level multiplicon, indicating that it contains more segments than it's parental multiplicon.
To explore the parental multiplicon, view the multiplicon in the table below.

Multiplicon Id #Species #Segments #Anchorpoints Profile Length
16470 14 26 8 35

This multiplicon is not redundant, but is the parent of one or more redundant multiplicons.
To explore these redundant reduced colinear regions, view the redundant multiplicon(s) in the table below.

Multiplicon Id #Species #Segments #Anchorpoints Profile Length
86074 1 2 25 109
133958 2 2 13 41
257371 2 2 7 50
257925 2 2 7 42
265456 2 2 7 71
304659 2 2 6 43
381010 2 2 5 36
381396 2 2 5 28
382373 2 2 5 28
384172 2 2 5 28