Sequence similarity page

This page itemizes the sequence similarity hits for a query gene.
By default, the ordering is done by identity percentage.
Query gene
Number of similarity hits
Gene ID Organism Evalue Bitscore Alignment Length Identity Percentage Homologous gene familyOrthologous gene family
Tp6g40340 Schrenkiella parvula 1.6e-32 141.0 67 100.0 HOM04D002144ORTHO04D247464
Carubv10000934m.g Capsella rubella 3.4e-06 53.5 33 72.7 HOM04D002144ORTHO04D002615
AL6G11320 Arabidopsis lyrata 5.9e-06 52.8 33 72.7 HOM04D002144ORTHO04D002615
NNU_18766 Nelumbo nucifera 7.7e-06 52.4 33 72.7 HOM04D002144ORTHO04D002615
AT5G02100 Arabidopsis thaliana 7.7e-06 52.4 33 69.7 HOM04D002144ORTHO04D002615