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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
Potri.008G153300 ptr
Potri.013G035500 ptr
Potri.013G127800 ptr
THA.LOC104802331 tha
THA.LOC104804118 tha
THA.LOC104808550 tha
THA.LOC104809766 tha
THA.LOC104821094 tha
THA.LOC104822269 tha
GSVIVG01021867001 vvi
GSVIVG01021872001 vvi
GSVIVG01038178001 vvi
Ca_03735.g car
Ca_04588.g car
Ca_06394.g car
Ca_11870.g car
Peaxi162Scf00075g01326 pax
Peaxi162Scf00092g00099 pax
HBR1297G006 hbr
HBR1657G026 hbr

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