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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
Manes.08G127300 mes
Manes.09G157100 mes
Manes.15G029400 mes
Vradi11g00710 vra
UGI.Scf00030.3540 ugi
COL.COLO4_15266 col
COL.COLO4_21482 col
COL.COLO4_38118 col
Cpa.g.sc9.380 cpa
ATR0697G170 atr
ATR0743G219 atr
Ciclev10001835m.g ccl
Ciclev10005422m.g ccl
Ciclev10020519m.g ccl
DCAR_024163 dca
DCAR_030637 dca
DCAR_030638 dca
Potri.005G048400 ptr
Potri.005G048500 ptr
Potri.005G048700 ptr

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