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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
Glyma.20G106500 gma
Brara.F01444 bra
Brara.G03396 bra
Brara.K01605 bra
Manes.04G071200 mes
Manes.05G143200 mes
Manes.11G097700 mes
Manes.18G009500 mes
MDO.mRNA.g.1208.49 mdo
MDO.mRNA.g.1575.7 mdo
Vradi04g07980 vra
Vradi08g22030 vra
UGI.ctg28310.25500 ugi
UGI.Scf00013.1880 ugi
UGI.Scf00110.8349 ugi
COL.COLO4_26094 col
Cpa.g.sc20.109 cpa
Cpa.g.sc20.110 cpa
ATR0315G072 atr
Ciclev10028070m.g ccl

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