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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
TPR.G16009 tpr
TPR.G16066 tpr
TPR.G19985 tpr
TPR.G2117 tpr
TPR.G21723 tpr
TPR.G21744 tpr
TPR.G25645 tpr
TPR.G25865 tpr
TPR.G27868 tpr
TPR.G33685 tpr
TPR.G34850 tpr
TPR.G4709 tpr
TPR.G6265 tpr
TPR.G6404 tpr
Bv1_002590_nyks bvu
Bv2_025630_ghsd bvu
Bv2_029560_asen bvu
Bv3_060830_mrqd bvu
Bv3_065050_kqqm bvu
Bv4_086220_aswf bvu

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