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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
PGSC0003DMG400029653 stu
PGSC0003DMG401005885 stu
Prupe.1G003400 ppe
Prupe.1G137700 ppe
Prupe.1G482600 ppe
Prupe.2G070100 ppe
Prupe.2G303700 ppe
Prupe.2G303800 ppe
Prupe.4G108800 ppe
Prupe.6G134600 ppe
Prupe.8G204500 ppe
Mapoly0008s0223 mpo
Mapoly0008s0224 mpo
Mapoly0008s0225 mpo
Mapoly0008s0227 mpo
Mapoly0008s0229 mpo
Mapoly0064s0109 mpo
Mapoly0076s0053 mpo
Mapoly0115s0011 mpo
Medtr1g047710 mtr

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