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gene_id species mapman
Eucgr.B01305 egr
Eucgr.B03833 egr
Eucgr.C02758 egr
Eucgr.E03536 egr
Eucgr.G00592 egr
Eucgr.G00596 egr
Eucgr.G00599 egr
Eucgr.G00601 egr
Eucgr.G00602 egr
Eucgr.H00084 egr
Eucgr.H00803 egr
Eucgr.H03904 egr
Eucgr.H03906 egr
Eucgr.J00266 egr
Eucgr.K03606 egr
C.cajan_04273.g ccaj
C.cajan_05723.g ccaj
C.cajan_08084.g ccaj
C.cajan_16512.g ccaj
C.cajan_21707.g ccaj

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