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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
Pp3c1_21660 ppa
Carubv10000967m.g cru
Carubv10026410m.g cru
Cla007766.g cla
FVE21092 fve
FVE29075 fve
AL6G20320 aly
AL8G42220 aly
AT5G09900 ath
AT5G64760 ath
Araip.BN787 aip
Araip.VLN5U aip
ZJU.LOC107425513 zju
Pbr012834.1.g pbr
MELO3C020972 cme
Migut.H02459 egut
Migut.L00054 egut
Glyma.04G217500 gma
Glyma.05G186600 gma
Glyma.06G148300 gma

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