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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
Eucgr.J03167 egr
Eucgr.K00302 egr
Eucgr.K01326 egr
Eucgr.K03439 egr
Eucgr.L01506 egr
C.cajan_01387.g ccaj
C.cajan_01771.g ccaj
C.cajan_02735.g ccaj
C.cajan_03346.g ccaj
C.cajan_03753.g ccaj
C.cajan_04288.g ccaj
C.cajan_04487.g ccaj
C.cajan_05121.g ccaj
C.cajan_05270.g ccaj
C.cajan_05710.g ccaj
C.cajan_06672.g ccaj
C.cajan_07325.g ccaj
C.cajan_07396.g ccaj
C.cajan_07748.g ccaj
C.cajan_08155.g ccaj

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