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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
NNU_24726 nnu
NNU_25392 nnu
NNU_25656 nnu
NNU_25680 nnu
NNU_25838 nnu
PGSC0003DMG400000081 stu
PGSC0003DMG400000884 stu
PGSC0003DMG400001294 stu
PGSC0003DMG400001449 stu
PGSC0003DMG400001472 stu
PGSC0003DMG400001963 stu
PGSC0003DMG400002118 stu
PGSC0003DMG400002433 stu
PGSC0003DMG400002691 stu
PGSC0003DMG400002699 stu
PGSC0003DMG400002842 stu
PGSC0003DMG400003310 stu
PGSC0003DMG400003351 stu
PGSC0003DMG400003427 stu
PGSC0003DMG400003428 stu

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