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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
Araip.208K7 aip
Araip.AG9R7 aip
Araip.J1YCX aip
Araip.L0LZX aip
Araip.WID3K aip
ZJU.LOC107426942 zju
ZJU.LOC107429120 zju
ZJU.LOC107429706 zju
ZJU.LOC107435074 zju
ZJU.LOC107435238 zju
Pbr007349.1.g pbr
Pbr018353.1.g pbr
Pbr027227.1.g pbr
Pbr037866.1.g pbr
Pbr041000.1.g pbr
MELO3C022188 cme
MELO3C022351 cme
Migut.B00998 egut
Migut.E00001 egut
Migut.F01588 egut

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