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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
AT5G40280 ath
Araip.3J3Q4 aip
ZJU.LOC107413498 zju
ZJU.LOC107415381 zju
Pbr024395.1.g pbr
Pbr032359.1.g pbr
MELO3C009957 cme
MELO3C021654 cme
Migut.F01499 egut
Migut.H00120 egut
Glyma.02G093000 gma
Glyma.06G185500 gma
Glyma.13G168600 gma
Glyma.18G289300 gma
Brara.D01050 bra
Brara.D01232 bra
Brara.E00616 bra
Manes.10G031500 mes
Manes.17G121600 mes
MDO.mRNA.g.130.29 mdo

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