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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
AL7G33140 aly
AL7G33560 aly
AT4G20330 ath
AT4G21010 ath
Araip.8IH70 aip
Araip.XRM4G aip
ZJU.LOC107429959 zju
Pbr011023.1.g pbr
Pbr018276.2.g pbr
MELO3C016344 cme
Migut.A00798 egut
Migut.J01798 egut
Glyma.01G217900 gma
Glyma.05G128600 gma
Glyma.05G205200 gma
Glyma.08G012100 gma
Glyma.11G025300 gma
Brara.A01026 bra
Brara.B02748 bra
Manes.01G064600 mes

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