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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
Eucgr.D01884 egr
Eucgr.J02343 egr
Eucgr.L03418 egr
C.cajan_11507.g ccaj
C.cajan_13187.g ccaj
Zm00001d002366 zma
NNU_11857 nnu
NNU_25169 nnu
NNU_25170 nnu
PGSC0003DMG400005187 stu
Prupe.5G094900 ppe
Mapoly0033s0069 mpo
Medtr0411s0050 mtr
Medtr3g109978 mtr
Medtr3g110015 mtr
Medtr5g010620 mtr
Medtr7g055620 mtr
Medtr8g096950 mtr
Solyc06g064890.2 sly
Cre12.g512700 cre

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