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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
Migut.D00524 egut
Migut.G00644 egut
Migut.M01968 egut
Migut.N02262 egut
Glyma.07G223000 gma
Glyma.07G248300 gma
Glyma.08G355600 gma
Glyma.09G019800 gma
Glyma.09G045400 gma
Glyma.10G123500 gma
Glyma.15G126200 gma
Glyma.15G147200 gma
Glyma.17G025800 gma
Glyma.18G172100 gma
Glyma.18G172300 gma
Glyma.20G022200 gma
Glyma.20G076200 gma
Brara.A01961 bra
Brara.C01658 bra
Brara.C01691 bra

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