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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
AT4G15780 ath
Araip.0BL8B aip
Araip.5735B aip
Araip.5U4XM aip
Araip.EU051 aip
Araip.RP776 aip
ZJU.LOC107418814 zju
ZJU.LOC107422587 zju
ZJU.LOC107426772 zju
Pbr008915.1.g pbr
Pbr012039.3.g pbr
Pbr014848.1.g pbr
Pbr022776.1.g pbr
Pbr031482.1.g pbr
Pbr033007.1.g pbr
MELO3C006328 cme
MELO3C020464 cme
MELO3C021333 cme
MELO3C021777 cme
MELO3C026705 cme

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