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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
TPR.G17490 tpr
TPR.G20980 tpr
TPR.G29444 tpr
Bv4_080720_kgxf bvu
Bv4_097340_kxzf bvu
Bv6_138270_oasy bvu
Bv7_167050_cteq bvu
MCO14G376 mco
LOC_Os03g06960 osa
LOC_Os03g58840 osa
LOC_Os07g09600 osa
LOC_Os07g14540 osa
LOC_Os12g44250 osa
Bo1g055420 bol
Bo3g026730 bol
Bo3g027140 bol
Bo4g045730 bol
Bo4g120050 bol
Bo4g181640 bol
Bo5g004860 bol

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