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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
Prupe.4G108800 ppe
Prupe.8G204500 ppe
Mapoly0008s0223 mpo
Mapoly0076s0053 mpo
Medtr1g047720 mtr
Medtr2g028790 mtr
Medtr2g436870 mtr
Medtr4g022570 mtr
Medtr4g083490 mtr
Medtr7g058640 mtr
Medtr7g058900 mtr
Solyc01g066940.2 sly
Solyc02g069150.2 sly
Solyc06g083530.2 sly
Solyc09g061620.2 sly
Solyc09g091610.2 sly
Solyc12g098180.1 sly
Cre04.g225900 cre
TPR.G15280 tpr
TPR.G15283 tpr

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