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gene_id species mapman
Eucgr.B02005 egr
Eucgr.B02006 egr
Eucgr.B02009 egr
Eucgr.C01042 egr
Eucgr.C01808 egr
Eucgr.C02837 egr
Eucgr.C02888 egr
Eucgr.F02758 egr
Eucgr.G00316 egr
Eucgr.H00831 egr
Eucgr.H01211 egr
Eucgr.H02874 egr
Eucgr.K03434 egr
Eucgr.K03435 egr
Eucgr.K03436 egr
Eucgr.K03581 egr
Eucgr.L00638 egr
Eucgr.L00639 egr
C.cajan_04142.g ccaj
C.cajan_06088.g ccaj

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