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gene_id species strand chr type
Achn302371 ach + Chr8 coding
Achn379101 ach - Chr15 coding
AH023348 ahy + Scaffold_16 coding
AH021515 ahy - Scaffold_14 coding
AH012355 ahy - Scaffold_7 coding
AH002056 ahy + Scaffold_1 coding
AH012680 ahy + Scaffold_8 coding
AH018685 ahy + Scaffold_12 coding
AH003649 ahy + Scaffold_2 coding
AH004272 ahy + Scaffold_2 coding
AH003317 ahy + Scaffold_2 coding
AH009223 ahy - Scaffold_5 coding
AH014133 ahy - Scaffold_9 coding
AH015027 ahy - Scaffold_9 coding
AH010535 ahy - Scaffold_6 coding
Araip.3WN1Q aip + Araip.B01 coding
Araip.ZP3NK aip + Araip.B02 coding
Araip.XB58A aip + Araip.B04 coding
Araip.I1KE0 aip - Araip.B09 coding
Araip.V9CZ9 aip - Araip.B05 coding

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