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gene_id species strand chr type
NNU_08764 nnu - megascaffold_8 coding
Prupe.2G232600 ppe + Pp02 coding
Prupe.6G252200 ppe + Pp06 coding
TCA.TCM_042807 tca - NC_023616.1 coding
THA.LOC104816283 tha - NW_010965775.1 coding
THA.LOC104799351 tha - NW_010968505.1 coding
TPR.G35253 tpr + Tp57577_TGAC_v2_LG6 coding
ZJU.LOC107430522 zju + NC_029689.1 coding
ZJU.LOC107430523 zju + NC_029689.1 coding
ZJU.LOC107413503 zju + NC_029681.1 coding
ZJU.LOC107430560 zju + NC_029689.1 coding
ZJU.LOC107404578 zju + NW_015453761.1 coding
ZJU.LOC107404444 zju + NW_015453746.1 coding
Pp3c21_16500 ppa - Chr21 coding
GSVIVG01034200001 vvi + chr8 coding
Mapoly0086s0029 mpo - scaffold_86 coding
Potri.008G053200 ptr + Chr08 coding
Potri.010G207100 ptr - Chr10 coding
Potri.008G053300 ptr + Chr08 coding
Zm00001d022174 zma + 7 coding

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