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gene_id species strand chr type
Cucsa.010590 csa + scaffold00154 coding
Cucsa.312980 csa + scaffold02995 coding
Eucgr.K03148 egr - Chr11 coding
Glyma.13G258200 gma - Chr13 coding
Glyma.15G057100 gma + Chr15 coding
Glyma.03G171300 gma - Chr03 coding
Glyma.19G172400 gma - Chr19 coding
Gorai.011G256200 gra + Chr11 coding
Gorai.006G174200 gra - Chr06 coding
Gorai.002G258800 gra - Chr02 coding
HBR3461G003 hbr + NW_018747251.1 coding
HBR0893G009 hbr - NW_018747551.1 coding
HBR0893G004 hbr - NW_018747551.1 coding
HBR0041G063 hbr + NW_018745842.1 coding
HBR1279G003 hbr + NW_018746504.1 coding
Manes.10G032300 mes - Chromosome10 coding
Manes.02G171000 mes + Chromosome02 coding
Manes.09G090100 mes - Chromosome09 coding
Medtr7g099720 mtr - chr7 coding
Medtr2g009410 mtr + chr2 coding

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