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gene_id species strand chr type
Ciclev10030372m.g ccl - scaffold_8 coding
Ciclev10007394m.g ccl - scaffold_1 coding
Ciclev10000227m.g ccl + scaffold_5 coding
Ciclev10027774m.g ccl + scaffold_8 coding
Ciclev10018741m.g ccl - scaffold_3 coding
Cla008273.g cla + Chr3 coding
Cla020061.g cla - Chr2 coding
Cla001505.g cla + Chr6 coding
Cla013274.g cla - Chr2 coding
Cla005224.g cla + Chr3 coding
Cla011409.g cla - Chr1 coding
Cla013273.g cla - Chr2 coding
Cla017196.g cla - Chr10 coding
Cla006155.g cla - Chr5 coding
Cla019057.g cla + Chr6 coding
Cla006154.g cla - Chr5 coding
Cla001877.g cla - Chr11 coding
Cla004551.g cla + Chr10 coding
Cla000765.g cla - Chr7 coding
MELO3C016426 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00028 coding

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