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gene_id species strand chr type
C.cajan_37357.g ccaj - Scaffold133269 coding
C.cajan_16634.g ccaj + CcLG08 coding
C.cajan_20760.g ccaj - CcLG01 coding
C.cajan_07254.g ccaj + CcLG02 coding
C.cajan_10167.g ccaj - CcLG03 coding
Cc02_g38390 ccan - chr2 coding
Cc08_g15360 ccan + chr8 coding
Cc02_g33130 ccan - chr2 coding
Cc02_g36770 ccan + chr2 coding
Cc01_g11980 ccan - chr1 coding
Cc02_g38380 ccan - chr2 coding
Cc04_g11700 ccan - chr4 coding
Cc04_g05580 ccan + chr4 coding
Cc06_g12630 ccan - chr6 coding
Ciclev10000235m.g ccl - scaffold_5 coding
Ciclev10030649m.g ccl - scaffold_4 coding
Ciclev10019053m.g ccl + scaffold_3 coding
Ciclev10006989m.g ccl - scaffold_9 coding
Ciclev10019061m.g ccl + scaffold_3 coding
Ciclev10024251m.g ccl - scaffold_3 coding

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