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gene_id species strand chr type
Bv4_075730_oajz bvu + Bvchr4.sca002 coding
Bv3_053570_sgio bvu + Bvchr3.sca003 coding
CAN.G338.24 can + PGAv.1.6.scaffold338 coding
CAN.G1008.37 can + PGAv.1.6.scaffold1008 coding
CAN.G78.108 can - PGAv.1.6.scaffold78 coding
CAN.G210.5 can - PGAv.1.6.scaffold210 coding
CAN.G825.12 can + PGAv.1.6.scaffold825 coding
CAN.G78.107 can - PGAv.1.6.scaffold78 coding
CAN.G1379.26 can + PGAv.1.6.scaffold1379 coding
CAN.G394.8 can - PGAv.1.6.scaffold394 coding
CAN.G1089.8 can + PGAv.1.6.scaffold1089 coding
CAN.G126.21 can - PGAv.1.6.scaffold126 coding
CAN.G1459.1 can - PGAv.1.6.scaffold1459 coding
CAN.G825.11 can + PGAv.1.6.scaffold825 coding
CAN.G78.103 can - PGAv.1.6.scaffold78 coding
CAN.G532.76 can - PGAv.1.6.scaffold532 coding
CAN.G136.9 can + PGAv.1.6.scaffold136 coding
CAN.G84.4 can + PGAv.1.6.scaffold84 coding
Ca_13203.g car + Ca7 coding
Ca_05788.g car - Ca6 coding

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