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gene_id species strand chr type
Brara.C00291 bra - A03 coding
Brara.I05641 bra - A09 coding
Brara.J02512 bra - A10 coding
Brara.B02679 bra - A02 coding
Brara.F02620 bra - A06 coding
Brara.I01360 bra - A09 coding
Brara.J00580 bra - A10 coding
Brara.B03414 bra + A02 coding
Brara.I05640 bra - A09 coding
Brara.B01052 bra - A02 coding
Brara.F03043 bra - A06 coding
Brara.J00037 bra - A10 coding
Brara.I02647 bra - A09 coding
Bv5_123540_rpki bvu - Bvchr5_un.sca003 coding
Bv8_190890_terf bvu - Bvchr8.sca017 coding
Bv5_099740_zpio bvu - Bvchr5.sca002 coding
Bv5_118060_ttqx bvu + Bvchr5.sca023 coding
Bv6_146120_wnhu bvu + Bvchr6.sca024 coding
Bv7_174850_ogrh bvu + Bvchr7.sca021 coding
Bv1_004230_gajk bvu + Bvchr1.sca001 coding

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