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gene_id species strand chr type
Bo5g002390 bol - C5 coding
Bo7g088940 bol + C7 coding
Bo3g130140 bol - C3 coding
Bo8g102860 bol - C8 coding
Bo02619s010 bol - Scaffold02619 coding
Bo5g027260 bol + C5 coding
Bo3g004330 bol - C3 coding
Bo3g023910 bol + C3 coding
Bo8g117930 bol + C8 coding
Bo9g175450 bol - C9 coding
Bo2g149580 bol + C2 coding
Bo9g095440 bol - C9 coding
Bo2g025190 bol - C2 coding
Brara.F01411 bra + A06 coding
Brara.C01498 bra + A03 coding
Brara.F01836 bra + A06 coding
Brara.I05278 bra - A09 coding
Brara.K01415 bra - Scaffold63553 coding
Brara.B03702 bra + A02 coding
Brara.I00009 bra - A09 coding

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