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gene_id species strand chr type
Manes.06G109600 mes + Chromosome06 coding
Manes.04G028100 mes - Chromosome04 coding
Medtr4g105080 mtr - chr4 coding
Medtr2g028530 mtr - chr2 coding
Medtr3g098350 mtr + chr3 coding
Medtr7g113130 mtr - chr7 coding
Medtr8g028795 mtr + chr8 coding
Medtr8g095520 mtr + chr8 coding
Medtr8g099030 mtr + chr8 coding
Medtr3g098380 mtr + chr3 coding
Medtr1g100130 mtr + chr1 coding
Medtr8g028780 mtr + chr8 coding
Medtr1g100150 mtr + chr1 coding
Medtr4g109530 mtr - chr4 coding
Medtr1g083290 mtr + chr1 coding
Medtr3g098320 mtr + chr3 coding
Medtr2g043900 mtr - chr2 coding
Medtr7g060540 mtr + chr7 coding
Medtr8g031070 mtr + chr8 coding
NNU_05675 nnu - megascaffold_2 coding

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