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gene_id species strand chr type
MDO.mRNA.g.1889.16 mdo + Backbone_1889 coding
MDO.mRNA.g.7.17 mdo - Backbone_7 coding
MDO.mRNA.g.7075.1 mdo + Backbone_7075 coding
MDO.mRNA.g.2303.21 mdo - Backbone_2303 coding
MDO.mRNA.g.1876.46 mdo - Backbone_1876 coding
MDO.mRNA.g.275.4 mdo + Backbone_275 coding
MDO.mRNA.g.3144.7 mdo + Backbone_3144 coding
Manes.08G118500 mes - Chromosome08 coding
Manes.01G254300 mes + Chromosome01 coding
Manes.08G057200 mes + Chromosome08 coding
Manes.02G016200 mes - Chromosome02 coding
Manes.06G151600 mes - Chromosome06 coding
Manes.14G042600 mes + Chromosome14 coding
Manes.06G128700 mes - Chromosome06 coding
Manes.S089900 mes - Scaffold01420 coding
Manes.09G172500 mes + Chromosome09 coding
Manes.14G023200 mes + Chromosome14 coding
Manes.06G016800 mes + Chromosome06 coding
Manes.05G031600 mes + Chromosome05 coding
Manes.16G092100 mes - Chromosome16 coding

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