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gene_id species strand chr type
HBR3114G002 hbr - NW_018747012.1 coding
HBR1391G060 hbr + NW_018746391.1 coding
HBR1305G042 hbr - NW_018745858.1 coding
HBR3148G044 hbr - NW_018745969.1 coding
HBR3241G016 hbr - NW_018746543.1 coding
HBR0019G016 hbr + NW_018746809.1 coding
HBR2713G005 hbr - NW_018746207.1 coding
HBR2443G001 hbr - NW_018749519.1 coding
HBR2445G004 hbr - NW_018745983.1 coding
HBR2299G077 hbr - NW_018745832.1 coding
HBR2654G022 hbr + NW_018745859.1 coding
HBR2325G003 hbr + NW_018746510.1 coding
HBR3265G003 hbr - NW_018746423.1 coding
MDO.mRNA.g.7637.5 mdo + Backbone_7637 coding
MDO.mRNA.g.1662.26 mdo - Backbone_1662 coding
MDO.mRNA.g.2303.20 mdo - Backbone_2303 coding
MDO.mRNA.g.2502.53 mdo - Backbone_2502 coding
MDO.mRNA.g.4641.2 mdo - Backbone_4641 coding
MDO.mRNA.g.516.24 mdo + Backbone_516 coding
MDO.mRNA.g.236.6 mdo + Backbone_236 coding

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