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gene_id species strand chr type
Gorai.006G050700 gra - Chr06 coding
Gorai.003G117900 gra - Chr03 coding
Gorai.002G128200 gra + Chr02 coding
Gorai.011G242100 gra - Chr11 coding
Gorai.007G299500 gra + Chr07 coding
Gorai.008G250500 gra + Chr08 coding
Gorai.004G137300 gra - Chr04 coding
Gorai.003G085100 gra - Chr03 coding
Gorai.009G273400 gra + Chr09 coding
Gorai.006G050400 gra - Chr06 coding
Gorai.009G267500 gra - Chr09 coding
Gorai.007G101800 gra - Chr07 coding
Gorai.001G106500 gra - Chr01 coding
Gorai.008G199100 gra - Chr08 coding
Gorai.009G202500 gra + Chr09 coding
HBR1712G001 hbr + NW_018747571.1 coding
HBR2206G062 hbr + NW_018745691.1 coding
HBR0410G032 hbr + NW_018746008.1 coding
HBR0653G024 hbr - NW_018745961.1 coding
HBR2888G005 hbr - NW_018746718.1 coding

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