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gene_id species strand chr type
Glyma.09G018600 gma - Chr09 coding
Glyma.06G162300 gma + Chr06 coding
Glyma.01G222700 gma + Chr01 coding
Glyma.10G231600 gma + Chr10 coding
Glyma.07G067700 gma + Chr07 coding
Glyma.16G033800 gma + Chr16 coding
Glyma.11G020700 gma - Chr11 coding
Glyma.08G018900 gma + Chr08 coding
Glyma.05G212500 gma + Chr05 coding
Glyma.10G152200 gma - Chr10 coding
Glyma.03G236300 gma - Chr03 coding
Glyma.07G130800 gma + Chr07 coding
Glyma.10G231700 gma + Chr10 coding
Glyma.19G233900 gma - Chr19 coding
Glyma.15G182000 gma - Chr15 coding
Glyma.17G078300 gma - Chr17 coding
Glyma.05G041200 gma + Chr05 coding
Gorai.001G053300 gra + Chr01 coding
Gorai.001G017400 gra - Chr01 coding
Gorai.008G212100 gra - Chr08 coding

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