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gene_id species strand chr type
FVE09927 fve + LG4 coding
FVE31855 fve + LG5 coding
FVE22214 fve - LG6 coding
FVE01814 fve - LG5 coding
FVE12928 fve - LG1 coding
FVE14024 fve + LG3 coding
FVE29282 fve + LG5 coding
FVE29280 fve + LG5 coding
FVE26084 fve - LG5 coding
FVE13204 fve + LG7 coding
FVE13210 fve + LG7 coding
Glyma.08G005900 gma + Chr08 coding
Glyma.20G236200 gma + Chr20 coding
Glyma.17G085100 gma - Chr17 coding
Glyma.05G021100 gma + Chr05 coding
Glyma.15G124700 gma - Chr15 coding
Glyma.05G198700 gma + Chr05 coding
Glyma.18G235900 gma - Chr18 coding
Glyma.04G203200 gma - Chr04 coding
Glyma.09G073200 gma - Chr09 coding

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