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gene_id species strand chr type
DCAR_022318 dca + DCARv2_Chr6 coding
Eucgr.C00773 egr + Chr03 coding
Eucgr.A02749 egr + Chr01 coding
Eucgr.I01143 egr - Chr09 coding
Eucgr.E00107 egr + Chr05 coding
Eucgr.E00108 egr + Chr05 coding
Eucgr.K02803 egr - Chr11 coding
Eucgr.J02107 egr + Chr10 coding
Eucgr.I01141 egr - Chr09 coding
Eucgr.J01662 egr - Chr10 coding
Eucgr.L01771 egr + scaffold_349 coding
Eucgr.H04514 egr + Chr08 coding
Eucgr.A02751 egr + Chr01 coding
Eucgr.F02491 egr + Chr06 coding
Eucgr.E00785 egr + Chr05 coding
Eucgr.I01144 egr - Chr09 coding
Eucgr.I01142 egr - Chr09 coding
Eucgr.I01139 egr - Chr09 coding
Eucgr.B03992 egr - Chr02 coding
FVE00215 fve - unanchored coding

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