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gene_id species strand chr type
Carubv10000325m.g cru - scaffold_6 coding
Carubv10008441m.g cru - scaffold_1 coding
Carubv10028541m.g cru - scaffold_8 coding
Carubv10028111m.g cru + scaffold_8 coding
Carubv10008345m.g cru - scaffold_1 coding
Carubv10008289m.g cru + scaffold_1 coding
Carubv10028303m.g cru - scaffold_8 coding
Carubv10007974m.g cru + scaffold_14 coding
Carubv10021686m.g cru - scaffold_2 coding
Carubv10003524m.g cru - scaffold_6 coding
Carubv10019407m.g cru - scaffold_5 coding
Cucsa.198230 csa - scaffold01357 coding
Cucsa.166120 csa - scaffold01153 coding
Cucsa.107010 csa + scaffold00930 coding
Cucsa.181960 csa - scaffold01251 coding
Cucsa.260380 csa - scaffold02229 coding
Cucsa.303570 csa + scaffold02951 coding
Cucsa.379670 csa - scaffold03837 coding
Cucsa.011690 csa - scaffold00154 coding
Cucsa.340760 csa + scaffold03356 coding

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