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gene_id species strand chr type
Achn298111 ach - Chr26 coding
Achn213151 ach + Chr26 coding
Achn257331 ach - Unknow coding
Achn188071 ach + Chr3 coding
Achn108551 ach - Chr26 coding
Achn167921 ach - Chr12 coding
Achn017281 ach - Chr16 coding
Achn188761 ach - Chr14 coding
Achn052291 ach - Chr18 coding
Achn021371 ach + Chr16 coding
Achn278451 ach - Chr14 coding
AH007597 ahy + Scaffold_4 coding
AH010498 ahy + Scaffold_6 coding
AH018027 ahy + Scaffold_12 coding
AH021083 ahy + Scaffold_14 coding
AH012120 ahy + Scaffold_7 coding
AH004244 ahy + Scaffold_2 coding
AH013166 ahy + Scaffold_8 coding
Araip.AS8IW aip - Araip.B04 coding
Araip.GM90H aip - Araip.B03 coding

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