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gene_id species strand chr type
Bo4g085160 bol - C4 coding
Bo6g079460 bol - C6 coding
Bo7g082180 bol + C7 coding
Bo00921s010 bol - Scaffold00921 coding
Bo2g136190 bol + C2 coding
Bo9g042310 bol - C9 coding
Bo7g082140 bol + C7 coding
Bo8g100000 bol - C8 coding
Bo1g053310 bol - C1 coding
Bo2g041370 bol - C2 coding
Bo1g053300 bol - C1 coding
Bo3g159860 bol + C3 coding
Bo7g107050 bol - C7 coding
Bo9g040980 bol + C9 coding
Bo01561s020 bol + Scaffold01561 coding
Brara.C02792 bra + A03 coding
Brara.K00917 bra + Scaffold31467 coding
Brara.F03314 bra - A06 coding
Brara.H01002 bra + A08 coding
Brara.A01862 bra - A01 coding

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