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gene_id species strand chr type
Brara.C03529 bra - A03 coding
Brara.C04261 bra - A03 coding
Brara.I00662 bra - A09 coding
Brara.C03531 bra - A03 coding
Brara.D00967 bra + A04 coding
Brara.K00278 bra - Scaffold14072 coding
Brara.F03317 bra - A06 coding
Brara.A01099 bra - A01 coding
Brara.I01514 bra - A09 coding
Brara.J00933 bra + A10 coding
Bv4_075540_gjxt bvu - Bvchr4.sca001 coding
Bv8_186610_hfuo bvu + Bvchr8.sca005 coding
Bv4_076060_thtr bvu - Bvchr4.sca002 coding
Bv8_201900_eroi bvu - Bvchr8_un.sca012 coding
Bv4_092620_mtkg bvu + Bvchr4_un.sca001 coding
Bv9_216050_kyeq bvu - Bvchr9.sca025 coding
Bv6_129140_qucz bvu + Bvchr6.sca002 coding
Bv8_184050_qfsi bvu + Bvchr8.sca002 coding
Bv8_184060_jwrr bvu - Bvchr8.sca002 coding
Bv4_092310_smfk bvu - Bvchr4_un.sca001 coding

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