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gene_id species strand chr type
Brara.C02485 bra - A03 coding
Brara.K00915 bra - Scaffold31467 coding
Brara.I01892 bra - A09 coding
Brara.K00307 bra - Scaffold14204 coding
Brara.K01797 bra - Scaffold87669 coding
Brara.H00876 bra + A08 coding
Brara.H01040 bra + A08 coding
Brara.I01686 bra - A09 coding
Brara.A03186 bra + A01 coding
Brara.I00186 bra - A09 coding
Brara.I01492 bra + A09 coding
Brara.K01719 bra - Scaffold85645 coding
Brara.J01717 bra + A10 coding
Brara.J01171 bra - A10 coding
Brara.C02651 bra + A03 coding
Brara.K01795 bra - Scaffold87669 coding
Brara.B02791 bra + A02 coding
Brara.F02619 bra + A06 coding
Brara.G03667 bra + A07 coding
Brara.F03315 bra - A06 coding

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