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gene_id species strand chr type
Cucsa.226890 csa - scaffold01910 coding
Cucsa.172310 csa - scaffold01196 coding
Cucsa.172320 csa - scaffold01196 coding
Cucsa.172330 csa - scaffold01196 coding
Cucsa.172340 csa - scaffold01196 coding
Cucsa.326090 csa - scaffold03132 coding
Cucsa.172350 csa - scaffold01196 coding
DCAR_005990 dca - DCARv2_Chr2 coding
DCAR_017881 dca - DCARv2_Chr5 coding
DCAR_005995 dca - DCARv2_Chr2 coding
DCAR_018896 dca + DCARv2_Chr5 coding
DCAR_027657 dca - DCARv2_Chr8 coding
DCAR_005993 dca - DCARv2_Chr2 coding
DCAR_015580 dca - DCARv2_Chr4 coding
DCAR_027651 dca - DCARv2_Chr8 coding
DCAR_014701 dca - DCARv2_Chr4 coding
DCAR_005985 dca + DCARv2_Chr2 coding
DCAR_014841 dca + DCARv2_Chr4 coding
DCAR_018865 dca + DCARv2_Chr5 coding
Eucgr.E01075 egr + Chr05 coding

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